MSOFT Key Features

MSOFT is equipped with many features which gives you complete control over your claims. MSOFT will support all State reporting including WCIRB, Section 111. The following is a list for general idea.

Diary Management

Diaries can be created, assigned, transferred to users. User may give guest access to their diaries.

User Calendar

User can schedule appointments just like Outlook-like manner.

Document Management

Document workflow, automation, tracking, compress, PDF stamp and archiving.


Timeline of Claim, Document and UR.


# of Claims by Fiscal Year, Department, Body Part, Injury Cause, Nature of Injury. Payments by Type.

Time Tracking

Ability to track the time spent on each claim. Month end Invoicing.

EBill Approval

Integration with Clearinghouse to approve/deny ebill before it is sent to Bill Review.

Vendor Management

Ability to track Vendors along with their W9 and 1099 issuance.

Payment Process

Ability to print checks, ACH ,Virtual Card or export payments to Third Party.

Full/Partial mailroom

Integrated with third party for Full Mailroom or Partial Mailroom. OCR/KFI conversion.

OSHA Tracking

Ability to automatically track lost days and modified duty days. OSHA 300, 300A and 301 reports are available.

User Access Control

Abiltiy to limit data access using Roles.

Business Rule Management

Ability to create Custom Business Rules or Pre-defined Business Rules.


100+ plus reports available. On demand data analytics solutions are available.

Policy Manager

Policy management module includes SIR monitoring, Deductible tracking and recovery.

Incident Management

Incident Management.